Zurich: Henrici

Every city has it’s old town where you often make new, delightful, even inspiring discoveries. Zurich’s Niederdorf is no exception. Amongst the beautiful historic buildings and coblestone roads is a piece of coffee heaven, Café Henrici. Henrici lives and breathes Christian Friedrich Henrici’s words – Life without coffee is one not worth living! I hear you!! Would the espresso here make life worth living, or would it be just one of those disappointing Zürich espresso experiences? I almost skipped to the door, I was so excited finally review the espresso..but you have to keep cool when visiting one of the most recommended cafés in Zürich.

Atmosphere: Rock 

Although this café is named after Christian Friedrich Henrici, lyricist of JS Bachs ‘Coffee Cantata‘, in the words of the legandary Italian artist Adriano Celetano – Henrici e Rock! McDonalds e Lento! Rock = Awesome. My first visit was on Tuesday night, where the Flammkuchen rocked, as did the live band. Pop by in the afternoon, and there is this relaxed, chilled atmosphere, with time to indulge in the real Coffee Menu. Espresso Diablo, Iced Cappuccino and my favorites Affogato and Schümli Pflümli!! On top of that, they also have the Portugese ‘Pasteis de Nata’ and coffee cocktails. At this stage, I was so happy that I was ready to move in… and that was even before I tried the espresso!

Espresso rating 

How can a place living this coffee philosophie not have good espresso? They have trained Baristas, a noteworthy, pristine and super busy coffee machine Dalla Corte, and their own unique espresso blend from Gourmet Rosterei Rast. Upon delivery, the espresso was dark, corto, with a lovely layer of cream. The cream had a lovely shine, which is produced from the oils extracted from the beans through the brewing process (a little theory never hurt anyone). The aromas from this espresso were nutty and chocolately. A quick stir (important) and then time to taste – this espresso did bring me alive. However be prepared, as it does have a little bitter kick at the back of the throat (better know as aftertaste). If you enjoy a more fruity espresso blend, ask the Barista to let you try one of the other gourmet espresso blends. Henrici is also the home of Filter Coffee, so if you are feeling experimental, why not give it a go.

Price: 4.20CHF

WiFi : No 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

Overall Rating:

To those who predicted that I would love this place, you were right!

Until the next cup..