Zurich: Hin und Weg

Summer, Summer. Wherefore art thou Summer? We had a taste of you back in June or July, when we were sitting outside enjoying Cold Brew coffee in the sun.. and now you’re gone. Before we finally depart and welcome Autumn, let’s reminise by visiting one of Zürich’s busiest summer havens in Kreis 3 – Hin & Weg Depot. Open since April 2014 alongside Zürich’s newest urban living project Genossenschaft Kalkbreite, and following in the footsteps of its older sister Hin & Weg Gare at Europallee. Was I blown away by the espresso served here, or would I just be carried away by the thought of it? (tip: check out the meaning of hin und weg sein) It was July, the sun was shining, and I took a stroll to Kalkbreitestrasse 8 to find out.

Atmosphere: The Secret Garden

Another lovely urban café who has used the simple yet effective french garden theme. Sit inside at one of a few cute tables, or venture outside to the urban garden. Either way, you will get an ‘I’m in an urban garden’ vibe. Visit for brunch, an after work drink or a pre-kino date. If you forget to buy your date flowers, don’t worry, there is blumen automat that you can use. During the summer they were even hosting piano nights on Wednesday nights where you can join in and play! Wonder what other secrets are found in this garden? If I was writing the new edition of The Secret Garden, I would definitely include an espresso tale or two.

Espresso rating 

It’s no secret, that the coffee blend offered here is none other than Switzerland’s own Henauer Kaffee. The newly installed La Cimbali has been fined tuned to produce an espresso which is corto and has a lovely, shiney, golden brown crema. The aromas of nutty caramel filled my nasal passage, and the taste was smooth with a little bitterness at the end. One note, and that is that the Barista was careful to follow the rhythm of flushing the machine and griding the fresh coffee, and then placing it carefully on the plate…with a nice little biscuit to accompany it. Good attention to detail and a good espresso!

Price: 3.80CHF

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

Thanks to the staff at Hin & Weg and to Daniela from Tschuppibaking for the espresso and chat.

Until the next cup..