Zurich: Milchbar

Ah Milchbar! Zürich missed you in the many months that you were closed for renovations. So nice to take the walk down from Parade Platz, through that cute little ‘piazza’ Kappelerhof to get to you. I remember my first visit back in Novemer 2012, just as Coffee Me was starting. Now you are back, ready to impress us with your coffee experience. Yeah! AND excited to see the Aussie Flat White on the menu!!

To mark us meeting again, I am writing this review ‘live’ at Milchbar. (and after drinking 3 espressi – or espressos in Aussie English)

I have taken a very comfortable seat upstairs, with a perfect view of the La Marzocco machine and the street outside. Would the espresso be as great as the first time many months ago.. or even better? Let’s find out…

Atmosphere: X (Multiply) 

Coffee lab x comfy indoor seating x friendly staff = I really like this place! As I sit here upstairs at my lovely wooden round table, it is super chillaxed. Soft lazy music playing, the cling of that machine, the fabulous smell of coffee and the chatter of people talking. I could sit here, drink coffee and chat for hours. Noted is the cool roof, wooden floor, lights down the staircase.. and the coffee lab of course (you will see it on the approach outside). One of the nicest things about visiting here are the talented Baristas and the staff – friendly, welcoming and a part of the Milchbar experience. In the words of Ed Sheeran, I am Thinking Out Loud and as the espresso flows through my Bloodstream, it makes me want to Sing about this place!

When you visit on the weekend, expect it to be busy. With Spring coming, there will be plenty of outdoor seating to complement the indoor seating. Stop for a light lunch or for a yummy dessert. It goes without saying that you should also drop by and say hello to the Baristas and experience the Coffee Lab.

Espresso rating 

All 3 espressos I had today have been extraordinarily fabulous. The La Mazocco definately works out hard here. Black and Blaze win the day with both the Costa Rican and Indian Espresso Blends. Barista Elena gave me a great introduction to both blends. The Costa Rican had a beautiful golden crema and was perfectly corto, with a rich, fresh and fruity aroma. It left me with a slight tingle on roof of my mouth but it was lovely. The Indian blend also perfectly golden,creamy and corto. The aromas were completely different, rich, nutty, chocolaty, inviting…loved it! Very smooth on the palate even with the slight bitter twist at the end.
Thanks to Barista Elena for the fabulous espresso and good luck with the Aeropress Championship! (dont’ forget to visit Elena’s blog http://coffeeroom409.com/)

As for the Flat White….. bliss!

Price: 4.50CHF

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : Yes  

First live review – done!
Congratulations to Milchbar staff! Follow their adventures on Facebook.
Thanks to those that have inspired me again in the last weeks to continue my Coffee Me journey – Edson, Milo, Olivier, Karin, Daniela and Lorna. Cheers with espresso to you guys!

Until the next cup.. Maria