Zurich: Gustav Café

2015 has seen an explosion of building and activity around Zurich’s main station.  Wander down the railway tracks along Lagerstrasse through Zurich’s new lifestyle oasis, Europaallee. As you wander by the little boutique’s and eateries, you will eventually meet Gustav. Gustav Café opened it’s doors during the summer of 2015. New, fresh and ready to win over the heart’s of coffee lovers. I wonder what is hidden inside this little coffee place. Would Gustav sweep me away with his perfect espresso and leave me wanting more? With lipgloss freshly applied, I was ready to find out..

Atmosphere: Bond Lair

Yes, that’s right. You will feel like you are walking into a James Bond Lair. Gustav’s Lair combines modern architecture, wood features and art deco. Gustav has also added a bit of Italianità to the mix, with the beautiful mosaic tiled wall, the black leather armchairs, the Versace style sitting booths, including the leopard skin pillows and golden heads. The beautiful big bar has plenty of space to offer as well. The fresh Torte’s are worth a try, and there is plenty of variety on the coffee and drinks menu to satisfy all visitors. The spaciousness inside, you will feel it, and you may need to wink or wave to get the attention you need to order or pay.

Espresso rating 

As with any of the Bond Lair’s, Gustav’s Lair has an impressive technical ‘gadget’ better know as La Cimbali M100. The Barista carefully ground the Gustav Espresso blend, a mix of Arabica and Robusta which is exclusively imported from Italy by Laezza Caffe. The Italianità was obvious – from the Barista, to the espresso which was corto, with a lovely golden crema and a strong nutty yet caramel based aroma. There were some bitter notes in the aroma as well, and all was confirmed once the Gustav espresso touched my palate. It was strong, firm with a little bitter kick at the end. Gustav may need a little sweetening from you if you want the experience to be smoother. As for the Caffe Latte –  it’s shaken, not stirred.

Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

That’s to James (the Marathon Pack) and Helen for joining me on the Gustav Lair discovery.

Until the next cup.