Zurich: Café Mohrenkopf

Winter has finally arrived in Zurich! The perfect time of year to explore the city for that cosey little café that you are going to make home – well at least for a few hours. Whether you are visiting for the weekend, or wandering through this fabulous city which is home, one place to stop at is Café Mohrenkopf. This little café and restaurant, located in the heart of Niederdorf (Zurich’s old town), has been welcoming visitors for over 30 years. It’s name Mohrenkopf (a kind of chocolate coated marshmallow) gives a big hint on what you will find inside – lots of yummy Mohrenkopf’s to have with your coffee. Would this little café deliver that sweet espresso, or would it be just me and my Mohrenkopf? Let’s open the door and find out..

Atmosphere: Home 

I was almost tempted to take my shoes off after I walked in, it felt that cosy. The pale olive green walls, the quaint little tables, the cute little bar in the middle. Stop everything! This place is chocolate marshmallow heaven. Traditional, coffee, chocolate, strawberry – what’s your flavour? Definitely worth at try – of course the coffee flavored one was for me. Yummy! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then there are plenty of things on the menu to satisfy that rumbling tummy. I had a feeling that a lot of good conversation and laughter had taken place in this café over the last 30 years. It is the kind of place you can visit with friends and chat. At peak times though, quiet conversations may be hard. Traditional with some modern touches. Nice!

Espresso rating 

Who do we find here at this home?  Why it’s the lovely corto espresso, with that shiny golden crema, and aromas of chocolate and caramel and maybe even a little fruit. The familiar taste of Henauer Kaffee which I always love to drink, delivered slowly and smoothly by the La Cimbali which has it`s home at the bar. There is a touch of bitterness at the end, but a little piece of Mohrenkopf will soon get ride of that.

Price: 4.20CHF

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

Winter is the perfect time of year to visit new Cafès.
Until the next cup..