Zurich: Höschgasse 33

Most people visiting Zurich’s Kreis 8 will be familiar with Seestrasse and places such as Razzia, Iroquai, Toto’s, Pur Pur, Yoogies, D-Vino, Ginger and many many more. Coffee lovers visiting these places will know that you may not find Zurich’s best espresso there (sorry guys). What you will find if you wander off the main street is Höeschgasse 33 Market.  This curious looking café got noticed by it’s huge Black & Blaze coffee sign spotted through the window. As a huge Black & Blaze coffee fan, I knew I had to go back and try the espresso. On a perfect Zürich winters day – with rain and wind – I dragged one of my bravest English friends with me to try this place out. Would this be a miracle at 33 Höschstreet or would it be a nightmare? (It’s Oscars time, so I had to try and get the movie title theme in there somehow..) I shook of the raindrops and opened the door to find out..

Atmosphere: Creative 

To my surprise, all eyes were on me as I walked in. So this is what is must be like to be famous, I thought. Then I reminded myself that I wasn’t quite that famous yet and proceeded to fix my hair and blow my nose, just in case there were things hanging out that shouldn’t be. I pleasantly smiled to all 6 people sitting there and then found some space to sit down at this lovely 8 seater wooden table. If I had to give this place an Oscar, it would be for creative design. It’s very cosy, with lots of creative deco including chandeliers with dancing reindeers, pillows with rabbits and deers. The most impressive site for me, in addition to the counter which had lots of lovely desserts on display, was the massive Black & Blaze sign. This gave me hope that my trip into this little cosy café was worth it.

Espresso rating 

The scene was set for an award winning 5, with one of Zürich’s finest roasteries Black & Blaze providing the coffee, and with the experienced Faema ready to do her fabulous thing. There was one key winning element missing on the day, the elegant, professional, passionate Barista. The espresso delivered was dressed with a layer of crema which looked promising, although it was a little lungo. I took in the lovely chocolaty aroma before slowly sipping it, searching for body and balance and that familiar ‘wow’ that I am used to from the coffee blend. I know this blend is Oscar winning, but unfortunately on the day it was just not what it should have been.

Price: 5.00CHF! Yes this is one of THE most expensive espresso’s in Zurich.

WiFi: Yes
Free water: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
Lactose Free Milk: Need to check
Note: dogs are also welcome here

Thanks Sonia for joining me and sharing the Hollywood entry.

Until the next cup..