Zurich: BANK

Speciality coffee served here.

2016 is definitely the year of the speciality coffee. However you choose to spell it or say it, coffee lovers and freaks in Zurich are being spoilt by amazing coffee being served in some of the new, hip cafés in Zurich. One of which is sitting perfectly in the heart of Kreis 4 at Helvetiaplatz. Bankopened its doors earlier this year, with a lot of buzz and attention from the Zurich scene. It’s no wonder, with Benjamin Prager, one of Switzerland most talented coffee brewster as the Head of Coffee and local roastery Stoll supplying the golden beans. Finally, after months of visiting, tasting coffee, and giving feedack, I was ready to write my review! Would this be the time for the Bank grand espresso? On a perfect Zurich summer morning, I took my place outside in the sun, reviewed the yummy coffee menu and was ready to find out…

Atmosphere: Spacious 

No better term to describe Zurich largest café, with over 200 seating places when you combine inside and outside. Enough for a big, fat, greek wedding.. well almost. Inside it has kept its historical charm, with lovely high ceilings and beautiful long bar. It’s a little bit loud as a work location or for a romantic first date, so keep that in mind when you’re planning. Outside, there are many tables which allow you to enjoy the buzzing, interesting atmosphere of Kreis 4. Visit in the morning to pick up some fresh John Baker rolls to have with your coffee, or for lunch or dinner where roasted chicken in on the menu. On the cocktails side, there are plenty to choose from, including one of the best Pimms in town.  A special note: Managing and serving customers at a place of this size has its challenges. I’ve had great exchanges with the staff, and also had well the usual service people unfortunately experience in Zurich. The best thing to do my friends is smile, and remind them that service is part of the coffee experience. Bring them some sunshine and you’ll receive some back.. well that is my motto.

Espresso rating 

Ok coffee lovers of the universe, be prepared for a hit of speciality coffee when you visit this place. Visit after visit I was banking on that magic espresso, and finally I experienced it! The house espresso served, the Stoll Santa Rosa (Honduras), had a lovely golden crema, with a sweet, chocolaty, citricy aroma and a balanced, rich smooth taste. Yummy!

The challenge that Bank have had on their hands over the past months, is how to extract that perfect espresso using the hightec Modbar. The first of its kind in Zurich, this machine has made coffee brewing a different kind of experience.  The discreet Modbar allows the Barista to actually look at you while they make your coffee, breaking the barrier between barista and customer. Don’t be shy my friends. Make sure you take the plunge and chat to the Barista when you next visit! Ask them about the amazing speciality coffee they are serving you, and try something different like the Filter Coffee or Nitro Cold Brew.

Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

Congratulations to Benjamin and the team who continually look at making this Zurich coffee experience a happy one.

OH – and please add the Espresso Martini to the menu.. thank you.

Until the next cup..