Zurich: Auer and Co.

Hidden amongst the buildings of Zürich’s Kreis 5 is one of the cities most best kept café secrets, Auer & Co. It sits within the Impact Hub Zurich, where young entrepreneurs, creative minds and technical gurus come together to share ideas, tech talks and, of course, coffee!

Since opening it’s doors in late 2015, this place has been buzzing with great coffee at the hands of great Baristas. It’s no wonder, as those who are in the Zürich coffee scene know that this place is a coffee project of Bear Brothers & Cow team Benjamin Prager and Kai Keong. As a regular to this little jewel, I thought it was about time that I shared this place with the world. Will the espresso here make an impact, or will it be one in a hub? Let’s find out…

Atmosphere: Creative flow

The first time I visited this place was in April 2016 for the Aeropress Championship. I remember this lovely wooden decking leading to the main door. Kind of reminded me of somewhere along the Sydney wharf, ok the harbour is missing but that is a minor detail.  As you walk in, you will automatically feel welcomed. It is just the aura of the place! The bar is at the center and is surrounded by lots of comfortable wooden tables, sofas and a beautiful lounge room which has the most amazing wall paper. It is a great place to meet up with minds that think alike, for a little date at one of the more intimate tables, or the perfect place to sit on your own and do some creative work. You can grab a bite to eat throughout the day and also enjoy a glass of prosecco or wine to cheers a new idea or success. It is now the official meeting place for the Coffee Me team, with lots of inspirational discussions and laughs taking place here. We love it!

Espresso rating 

I’ve enjoyed quite a few espressos here over the past months, from local Zurich roasters including Miro, Vertical Coffee and Stoll. Espressos here are extracted from the beautiful La Marzocco coffee machine, at the hands of highly trained and passionate Baristas who are happy to have a chat, especially about one of their favorite topics, coffee. Sitting on the counter is information regarding the current coffee on offer. A great way for you as the coffee consumer to learn more about speciality coffee, their origin, variety and tastes. The espresso which I tasted and rated here is the current house espresso  – Guatamala Santa Clara (60%)/El Salvador La Bendicion(40%) roasted by Miro. The espresso had a lovely golden crema and was well extracted. Aromas were that of chocolate and spices and there was definitely some fruitiness there, although I couldn’t individually pick which fruit exactly, maybe a stone fruit (it’s offen a tough one for the senses). I gave it a little stir, it was a lovely dark chocolate brown, and upon sipping, the taste of chocolate with a hit of fruitiness was confirmed. There was a mix of acidity and bitterness with this one, which was quite balanced. You will feel it. For those that are more familiar with speciality coffee, you will be handle this one quite well. Yummy!

Price: 4.00CHF

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

Thanks to the Coffee Me stars Romain and Sandra for every inspiring minute shared here..and the laughs.

Until the next cup..