Zurich: COFFEE

COFFEE is located in Kreis 4 where the coffee vibe is hot!

2016 was a big year for new cafes in Zurich. One of the exciting new openings in hip Kreis 4 was that of a cute little café called COFFEE. It’s all in the name really – a simple word we all love, that we connect with, that we have an opinion about, and that we enjoy when we get it and miss when we don’t. Yes, just like any relationship, when we encounter something different we are curious, we may have our fears, our doubts, we compromise, sometimes we even reject, and with each new coffee we learn. Geez all that from one word..

Right, let’s focus back on COFFEE – the café. This cute little café is the work of long time friends Shem Leupin and Thomas Leuenberger. One an ex-Swiss Barista Champion and now head roaster and the other a chef and master of fine foods. Their invitation to all of us to is to come into their world and experience their coffee and food. This is exactly what I have been doing over the past couple of months and I am happy to say, I am a big fan of the place! Here’s why..

Atmosphere: Fresh 

I still remember the first time I visited COFFEE and the site of the green marble bar where the very distinct Sanremo Opera machine is sitting. Different, discreet, fresh and cosy. You won’t find any big hipster blackboards here or vintage furniture and what not. Instead, some comfortable little seats along the window and some places to sit outside. Simple, fresh, clean and welcoming. After all, here it is all about coffee, specialty or speciality or amazing coffee. Drop by for your morning cappuccino or mid-morning filter and afternoon espresso. Couple that with the most delicious fresh sandwiches and yummy cheesecake (the chocolate topped cheesecake is to die for!). Oh there are other sweet things too and I’ve heard brunch is oh so fine, just get in early as it gets busy on a Saturday. Remember, here it is about getting in and experiencing their world. The menu – both coffee and food – is adapted to their taste. It’s like walking into a gourmet world where there are new flavors and adventures to try. You just have to step out and be daring and trust these guys who absolutely love and are passionate about what they do and offer.

Espresso rating 

I have tried a variety of espressos here in the months since COFFEE opened. Stoll coffee is served and sold here. As Shem is the head-roaster and master at Zurich roastery Stoll, there was no doubt that the specialty coffee served here would be great. The selected roast for espresso and filter is changed on a regular basis, which is something I enjoy about this place. The espresso I am rating here is the current Stoll Heritage – a washed Caturra from the Quindio region in Colombia. Shem served once again the perfect espresso. Perfect extraction with lovely golden crema on top. Fruity yet chocolaty aromas, which came out once I tasted the espresso. Smooth, balanced, delicious. Specialty coffee is a journey from bean to cup. When you are at COFFEE, make sure you check the coffee profile to learn more about what you are drinking as this enhances the experience. It’s all about about being open, tasting and learning. You are in the right place to ask questions, so don’t be afraid as both Shem and Thomas are there for you. Get ready, because the coffee menu in mid-March will have the Campos from Brazil. This is a must try espresso! I love it!

Price: 4.30CHF

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

For those Coffeemers that are long time followers, you will know that I don’t review a new place until a least 3 months after they open. This give me the opportunity to visit a few times in order to get the full picture on the place. Since COFFEEs opening, I have been a regular visitor and each time I have had a positive coffee and learning experience there. I want to congratulate Shem and Thomas for this little green jewel they have created and for the open, honest chats we have had over the past months. I am a big fan of Stoll and of the both of you, so keep up the amazing stuff. And please keep the chocolate topped cheesecake on the menu!

Until the next cup..