Zurich: Bros Beans & Beats

Nestled comfortably within Zürich’s coffee hot spot, Kreis 4, are  Bros Beans & Beats. With a tongue twister of a name, this cool little cafe has been welcoming coffee lovers for just on 1 year.  Living in Kreis 4 means I quickly became a regular customer. Flatwhite, cappuccino, caffe freddo and of course, their espresso. I have tried them all. I have even tried their ginger tea!  I’ve been their for breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, to work and to relax. Yes coffee lovers, I am officially a fan. These guys have managed to whoo me and as a result, this is one of my favourite places for 2017.

Why all the fuss? These passionate, hipster cool guys have managed to get over the beards and focus on great customer and coffee experience. They are a team, who went through the fresh café opening lessons together and have developed their coffee and menu to where it is today. One of Zürich loved cafés.

Atmosphere: Trio 

The 3 B’s in their name translate for me into a Trio of delight. Take a seat at one of the solid wood tables if you want to enjoy your coffee with a good, healthy breakfast, or if you just need a space to work for a few hours. If you’re in the mood to chill and chat with friends, or need a comfy seat to finish that last chapter of your book, then the comfy, cosy lounge is for you. For those that love the outdoors, especially in the spring and summertime, their cute little outdoor area is waiting. All this, plus you can also visit after 5 and sit wherever you want to enjoy that evening drink or cocktail. A place where you will feel welcomed, comfortable and chilled. Keep up the great work guys.

Espresso rating 

It’s always great to read through a coffee menu and get excited when you see the word Flatwhite. It’s also a pleasure to see locally roasted specialty coffee being offered, in this case from Henauer and Vertical Coffee. The espresso is extracted from a beautiful Victoria Arduino Black Eagle. The espresso enjoyed on this visit was the current Henauer specialty coffee from Ethiopia, Kayo Natural. It had a perfect layer of crema, and distinctively fruity aroma typical of coffees from this region. The espresso was intense, balanced, with an initial sweet citrus taste which rounds out to a lovely chocolately flavour at the end. Delicious! The house espresso is Henauer FiftyFifty which is also very nice. It is also worth tasting their creamy cappuccino and if you want that double shot feeling with milk, go for the flatwhite!

Price: 4.30CHF house espresso, 6.00CHF specialty coffee

WiFi : Yes 
Free water : Yes 
Kid friendly : Yes 
Lactose Free Milk : No 

Bros Beans & Beats remains one of my favourite places in Zürich to enjoy coffee. Go and try it for yourself and try out their slow-egg with avocado or salmon – yummy!

Until the next cup..