MAME, having interestingly had to start as a shop selling coffee rather than a coffee shop, has now been in business for about a year. For me it’s got to be the go to place for any specialty coffee lovers visiting Zurich. Thanks also to MAME, Zurich is slowly but gradually stepping up it’s (specialty) coffee game.

Whereas some places have a certain amount of space dedicated to coffee, MAME is basically totally dedicated to coffee, even if they do also offer tea and some snacks. Not too surprising with it being run by Swiss barista champion couple, Emi Fukahori and Matthieu Theis. Cupping, coffee beans, coffee literature, accessories, courses, you name it and they’ll probably have it.

The shop itself is nicely decorated and kept pretty minimal. The coffee equipment and a long table at the centre are the focus. Fairly untypical for Zurich, this setup invites a bit more interaction between staff and guests as well as guests amongst each other.

Brew Methods: Filter, Aeropress and Espresso
Machine: La Marzocco
Grinder: Mahlkönig
Beans: Vertical, Gardelli, The Coffee Collective
Seating: minimal
Outdoor seating: no
WiFi: no

Reviewer: Robert Mills
Rob has been sharing his stories on his coffee and gelato blog, ballsnbeans