Home Brewing: Tansania Single Origin

The Experience

The ViCafe Tansania Single Origin is roasted located in Eglisau. The aromas were for me chocolately, with some sweet smelling fruits like blackberry. A dark roast which is perfect for those that enjoy an Italian like espresso. It worked very well with the Moka. The results were a strong, well balanced espresso which had its own natural sweetness. No need for me to add sugar. A good espresso roast.

The Process

Home Brewing is one of the best way to learn about coffee. Of course, you need a few essential tools to help you out. The most important one is a good Grinder. The Wilfa grinder came recommended from Black and Blaze. As well as being light and easy to clean, it has a range of settings for all your coffee brewing delights. For  both professional and home baristas.

Next, decide on your brewing technique. For home espresso, I still like to try new coffees with either my Bialetti Moka or my new Top Moka. The Moka also allows you to experiment. Important is the level of water in the base of the Moka. Make sure the water is just on or under the little round pressure release. Feel free to use fresh tap water, if your tap water is good, or bottled water.

With your equipment ready, it’s time to open the coffee bean bag, take in the amazing aromas, and grind just enough for your Moka basket. The fresher the ground coffee, the better the taste. The Wilfa has a specific Moka setting so you will get it right.

The Coffee

Coffee: Tansania Ngorongoro Convent
Roaster: ViCafe, Eglisau
Producer: Ngorongo Convent Estate
Intensity: Strong
Roast grade: Medium
Body: Medium
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Kent
Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Blackberry, Cassis, Zesty

Coffee recommended by Barista Nadia, from Le Café Ensoie by ViCafe.