Dublin Coffee Experience

Dublin. The city of Guinness, U2, and now coffee! Those who are regular visitors to Dublin would have probably seen a rise of good coffee and a greater interest in coffee culture. From Barista training centres, to new cafes and local roasters, Dublin has done well to put Ireland on the coffee map.

Dublin hosted the 2015 World Barista Championships. The coffee world met in Dublin, where many espressos, cappuccinos and coffee cocktails were prepared and enjoyed.  From there, the cities love for coffee and the worlds interest in this city as one that offers great coffee experience increased.

Dublin now features on the coffeeme.cafe/map. With local coffeemer, coffee conossiuer and photographer Rabie AI bringing you his current top cafes. These aren’t just any ordinary cafés. They are places that live and breath good coffee. Places that are regularly visited by Rabie. Places that have a coffee menu that includes espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee and cold coffee. If you are into speciality coffee, these are places that you will need to visit when next in Dublin. If you are a coffee lover, then these are also places for you.

Where are you originally from?

I’ve moved from home (Auckland, New Zealand) to Ireland about two years ago.

How has the Dublin coffee culture grown over the last 3 years?
The coffee culture in Dublin is growing and expanding.  Many new cafes have opened, providing a great selection of coffee from local roasters and European roasters. The public taste is also changing and the appeal of independent speciality cafes is growing and is noticeable. There are now more shops serving filtered coffee and batch brew. Brewing devices from Marco have made it possible to handle the demand in a busy environment. In my view, there needs to be more places that set themselves apart with new concepts. 

When did you first start to get involved with coffee and why?
I got involved with coffee at young age and had some barista training in Dunedin, New Zealand, around 2005. I have always enjoyed the complexity of coffee and its social and ritual aspects, catching up with mates over coffee, interacting with others at cafes and so on. The major turning point was in New Zealand, with Coffee Supreme and the way they do business.

What has been your best coffee experience so far?
It is difficult to point out a specific coffee experience, there are many excellent places to have coffee. They will be added to the coffeeme.cafe/mapIn Dublin, it’s Meet Me in the Morning – always stocking a great selection of coffee beans and providing great service. 

Back in New Zealand,  a have a few memorable coffee experiences to share. One of the most remarkable places I’ve experienced is Good One, which was one of Coffee Supreme’s cafes that has unfortunately now closed. Anyone who has visited knows how that place buzzed with good vibes, generosity, love for coffee and also an interest in the community. The second is Camper Coffee/The Candyshop, with New Zealand Aeropress Champion Lee. This is one of the smallest cafes out there. Lee’s warmth and dedication always makes it an awesome coffee experience. Finally Simon & Lee, with Ollie Simon, make amazing coffee and providing exceptional service.

What do you prefer to drink – espresso, filter, flatwhite?
I enjoy espresso, filter and flat whites. I mostly drink filtered coffee, starting the day with a home brew.  I also enjoy espresso and occasional flat whites (depending on the beans).

What are you currently drinking?
I’m currently drinking Coffee Collective Kieni (Kenyan) and Akmel Nuri (Ethiopian)

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