Time for an Espresso Martini

It’s Friday night. While most people dream of a cold beer, a glass of Rosé or Aperol Spritz, the coffee lovers of the world are preparing to indulge in an Espresso Martini. Global interest in coffee and coffee quality (including specialty/speciality coffee) has not only lead to a broader range of coffees listed on the coffee menu. Coffee has managed to move onto the cocktail menu as well.

6 years ago, when you asked a Cocktail Barman to make you an Espresso Martini, you would probably get a strange look. ‘What is that exactly?’ ‘Coffee with martini – how does that work?’. Now most major cities, especially if they are coffee cities, will have at least the now famous Espresso Martini on their menu.

Here are the most common questions received about the Espresso Martini?

Why is it called Espresso Martini?
The Espresso Martini, unlike the real Martini, didn’t get its now famous name from Bond, James Bond. It hasn’t been featured in any of the Bond films to date. The legend goes, that the Espresso Martini was invented by London Barman Dick Bradsell.

What’s with Martini?
The only thing the Espresso Martini has in common with the real Martini is the glass. The Espresso Martini is served in an iced cold Martini glass. No olive, cherry or little onion garnish. Just 2 or 3 cute coffee beans balancing delicately on top.

How is it made?
Like any cocktails, there are many good any bad ways to make them. The real cocktail barmans will make that that will blow you away – Espresso, Kahlua (or coffee liquor) or vodka. Some add sugar a touch of coffee syrup but if they are using high quality coffee, specialty coffee, which has a natural sweetness, no additional sugar syrup is necessary.

Where can I get a recipe?
My good friends at Perfect Daily Grind published the recipe from the Espresso Martini legends at The Underdog, Athens. Delicious.

Can you make an Espresso Martini at home?
Of course you can! In additional to your usual espresso making equipment, all you need is a cocktail shaker. In cases where you don’t have one, you can even get creative and use a jar for the shaking. Ok maybe that is too creative, so stick to the cocktail shaker.

Where can you drink a good Espresso Martini?
Here are a few places for you to try.
Zurich: Georges Bar and Grill, Helvetia Bar, Coffee Shack, Radgovski
London: Shoreditch Grind
Sydney: Café Sydney

Next time you visit a cocktail bar, make sure you give the Espresso Martini a try. Shaken not stirred of course.