Summer 2020: Favourite Cafes in Zürich

Summertime is cold coffee time!

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2020 – what a year! We are blessed to be able to go out and enjoy coffee again in Switzerland, while other coffee loving nations like Australia and New Zealand are in lockdown. In whatever country you are in, support your local cafes in any way you can!

In May 2020 I was able to start enjoying coffee again thanks to the reopening of cafes in Zurich. These months without coffee made me appreciate not only the coffee, but the cafe teams and vibe. The little things like a smile, a ‘how are you?’ following lockdown, was gold and still is.

Let’s get straight to it then. Where have I been getting my coffee and why?
Oh – and of course these places are mum/dad and baby friendly. (Note to new mums and dads – there aren’t always change tables available so be prepared.)

Bros Beans and Beats
Gartenhofstrasse 24, 8004 Zürich
No surprise here, that this remains my favourite local cafe. The Flatwhite is just how an Aussie likes it – everytime. I love the coffee, the brunch and lunch menu, and even the Chinotto! One thing that is a must here is the cheesecake. It cannot be beaten! They have become my friends and I simply love this place.

Bean Bank Coffee & Co
Lagerstrasse 18c, 8004 Zürich
Hats off to these guys for having the courage to open during the difficult months of 2020. If you haven’t visited them already, it is a must. Close to Zürich main station at Europallee, brothers Nikos and Dimitri are introducing coffee lovers to some delicious coffee. For coffee nerds ie. speciality coffee guys and girls, you will get some amazing speciality coffee here. Love the Flatwhite and on a hot day either the Coldbrew or Freddo Cappuccino. Enjoy!

Rent a Barista
During Covid times, walking was big on the list of things to do. Still is. I have really enjoyed my visits to the ‘Rent a Barista‘ mobile coffee stand owned and run by Ernst Knuddelbühler. Currently located a Schickeria (Langstrasse) and St Jakobstrasse 52 (until end of August). Of course its the Flatwhite that has my stamp of approval as well as the espresso. Ernst is a coffeepreneur! He is moving with his concept and wants to introduce coffee drinkers not only to awesome coffee, but awesome coffee experience. Track him down via Instagram – you won’t be disappointed.

169 West
Weststrasse 169, 8003 Zürich
This little cafe on Weststrasse is on another one of my favourite walks around Lochergut. The coffee is spot on, from Flatwhite to Filter. Space to sit outside makes it Mum friendly. Little delights on the food menu also keeps me happy. Simply put, a nice little place where you can get great coffee and good service.

Kappelergasse 16, 8001 Zürich
OK I confess, I have had a love/like less relationship with this place over the past few years. I love the coffee experience when the top baristas have been there. I like it less when my favourite barista is not on duty and the staff look miserable. It is a great place to visit during the warmer months though. Covid has allow them to expend the outdoor area so am loving the extra space (especially great for Mum’s with prams). Matej’s Flatwhite is the best! Oh – and a little ‘did you know’ – that the chef happens to be Australian and also has a sticky chai business (check out chaiwalla).  The banana bread – yum yum goes down very well with any coffee.

Sihlstrasse 20 8001 Zürich
Yes – Bovelli is still my go to place when I am in the city shopping. They still have their classic and modern coffee menus which have coffee from Henauer and Stoll. Espresso, Caffe Freddo and Cappuccino are my go to’s here. It’s air-conditioned too, which means the summer shopping coffee break is a cool one.

Molkenstrasse 15, 8004 Zürich
When I can on Tuesday or Friday mornings I like to visit the Helvetiaplatz Market. Love the fresh fruit and veg and the whole market experience. While I’m there, I also stop for a cappuccino at Bank. I love the outdoor, shady space. Depends when you go it can be very busy so you will need extra patience with your order.

In addition to these are Henrici, Miro, MAME, COFFEE, Grande, Legerè and others. That’s for another article. For now though, enjoy these places and enjoy your summer where ever you are in the world.